Construction crane

A construction crane at the Mint Residential site in Uptown Charlotte
This construction crane is one of many active in Uptown Charlotte. This specific crane is working on an 31 story apartment tower being built on top of the Mint Museum. Combined the height will be 43 stories.

The perspective of the photo makes it appear that taking this photo was precarious. However, they have built a concrete and metal deck for pedestrians to walk under … actually we walk the long way around because we don’t fully trust the deck.

This photo was taken at 500 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to an article about Childress Klein to build apartment tower atop Mint Museum.

2 thoughts on “Construction crane

  1. Hi, Denton. You left a comment on my Aug. 1st post re: the ‘w’ in the world “Tas” written on the wall. It looks like a ‘w’, but it is actually a Cyrillic ‘sh’, hence Tash. (See below)Startling coincidence, since Julie Storry wrote to say that our blogger from Palos Verdes, Tash Zaninovic, passed away in May….. Here’s what I wrote on the FB post of my photo:

    UPDATE: As I wrote on my blog, this is an old photo from Belgrade, since I’m not back there yet. Julie Storry​ wrote to say she noticed a comment (made when I posted the photo back in 2013) by Natasha Zaninovic, who passed away this past May. I did not know. I had the pleasure to spend some time with her in Palos Verdes a few years back. She was a wonderful person. And isn’t it odd that just today I would post this photo? The red letters on the wall spell “Tash”, short for Tashmajdan Park in Belgrade…..

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