starting the new year on the right foot

right foot
Today’s photo is a metaphor for my New Year wishes. Specifically, the idea is starting the new year on the right foot.

My New Years wishes include the hope that our elected officials will govern wisely with humility and kindness. Hopefully they will reflect on the positive benefits diversity brings to our society. And that the decisions they take will be for the benefit of everyone. That their decisions and actions take long term impacts into account such that the environment will be protected for future generations.

Also, I hope that companies retain the best practices implemented to satisfy government regulations. And that proposed corporate tax reductions are put to uses which benefit all stack holders including the employees.

In addition, I hope that individuals continue to make immigrants feel welcome. Remembering that most of our ancestors were immigrants. Also, I hope that we find the wisdom to ignore fake news and support our established media organizations.

I personally think it is important we preserve and exercise our first amendment rights. And that when we exercise our freedom of speech that we do so in a civil manner.

For those interested you can follow my political opinions on Facebook.

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