theme day, your covid response

It is the first of the month and the City Daily Photo community theme is “your covid response”. As part of my response to Covid I stayed in touch with my grandchild through Face Time and YouTube. Each Saturday we spend an hour or so learning to program a robot. He is 12 years old and I am very proud of his accomplishments. It was lots of fun and a good way to stay in contact.

Following is a link to a humorous YouTube video where I demonstrated the object of our ping pong program.

Please visit other bloggers who are participating in the City Daily Photo theme day for October.

4 thoughts on “theme day, your covid response

  1. I just figured out how to put a comment on your posts! I’m no techie!!
    I was doing Facetime with my elderly father who is in LTC so it kept us connected for a few months.

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