While on a walk through Uptown I took this photo with my iPhone. Set my camera on a 10 second delay, placed my phone on the ground under the painting, and this is the result.

The art work is a fresco by Ben Long and can be found at the Trans-America Dome. An outdoor fresco in a lighted dome.

A plaque says that “The title alludes to the continuous nature of life, the cycle of destruction and rebirth.”

Following is an article from Ben Long’s website.

2 thoughts on “Continuum

  1. You weren’t reprimanded by security for taking a picture ? We were told no photos allowed . They were unsure why but the Bank of America higher ups told security to not allow any photos of the mural. There was no signs stating no photography and it was in a public walkway.

  2. Hi Cristina, fortunately I was not reprimanded for taking this photo. It is outdoors in a covered walkway between two buildings.

    I have been told to not take photos of the art inside the Bank of America buildings. It was disappointing.

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