Globe at The Capital Grille

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

The title, of this globe, is Unplugged Fun. The plaque shares the concept that getting outside and playing catch is good for your health and for the health of the planet. Following is an except from the plaque:

Luckily the Charlotte community and Mecklenburg county is home to more than 200 parks and has over 21,000 acres of open space .. When fun is unplugged, kids will get more exercise and become more creative while reducing their carbon footprint.

Note that the artist were students from Francis W. Parker School.

Following is a link to the Francis W. Parker School website. Also, a link has been included for today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption Globe at The Capital Grille in Uptown Charlotte.

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