lets talk trash

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

It was the color, of the dumpster, that caught my eye. However, the photo also provided a post title. Zoom in and you will see the tag line for RJ Waste and Recover is “let’s talk trash”.

My personal contribution to trash talk is a story about my college years. One of my jobs was as a sanitation engineer. I started out “rolling trash cans” and worked my way up to truck driver.

A Google search found an article which explains the choice of pink. Their website says:

“We think Pink. This is a personal and important part of our corporate philosophy and business model. Think Pink and Mean Green’ philosophy, the company has a focus on cancer awareness, specifically breast cancer, and donates 10 percent of profits to organizations related to this cause.”

Following is a link to RJ Waste and Recover website. Also, we are sharing a link to the original of today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption: A trash dumpster painted in pink found in uptown Charlotte.

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