strolling during the pandemic

NASCAR Hall of Fame promotional flag in uptown Charlotte.

Today’s photo is a selfie, taken while my wife and I were enjoying a stroll during the pandemic. It was a cold and windy day so we bundled up. The N95 mask are on our face each time we leave our condo. But we still get out and these strolls keep us sane during the pandemic.

The reason we posed for this selfie was to capture the NASCAR Hall of Fame promotional flag in the background. It is a gear with engine parts extending from the spokes. Personally, I think the flag design was an unfortunate choice given it appears similar to the coronavirus images.

Following is a link to the NASCAR Hall of Fame website. We are also sharing a link to the original of today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption: Out for a stroll during the pandemic on a cold Winter day.

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

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