Construction crane

A construction crane at the Mint Residential site in Uptown Charlotte
This construction crane is one of many active in Uptown Charlotte. This specific crane is working on an 31 story apartment tower being built on top of the Mint Museum. Combined the height will be 43 stories.

The perspective of the photo makes it appear that taking this photo was precarious. However, they have built a concrete and metal deck for pedestrians to walk under … actually we walk the long way around because we don’t fully trust the deck.

This photo was taken at 500 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to an article about Childress Klein to build apartment tower atop Mint Museum.

Apartments near Romare Bearden Park

Apartments near Romare Bearden Park in Uptown Charlotte
Charlotte is in the middle of a apartment construction boom and these apartments near Romare Bearden Park are a good example of this construction activity. The building in center of the photo is an apartment called the Catalyst which has been around for a while. The building on the right is called the Element Uptown and was recently opened. Also, there are two additional apartments under construction on the other side of the park and one starting construction one block away.

Following is an interesting link showing walking scores for apartments in Charlotte. Also, here are links for the two apartments shown: the Catalyst and the Element Uptown.

The Vue Luxury Apartments

The Vue Luxury Apartments
On a stroll through the 4th Ward we took this photo of The Vue Luxury Apartments. They have an interesting past and a very successful occupancy. To read more checkout the following article in the Charlotte Observer: The Vue once a symbol of recession, now draws renters paying a premium.

This photo was taken from the 4th Ward Park. Following is a link to The Vue website.