Charlotte Plaza

Today’s photo shows the Charlotte Plaza office tower. Although, the tower is only the 15th tallest in Charlotte, it stands out with it’s distinctive black glass exterior.

We enjoy the building primarily because the offices, of our doctor, are in the building, Bentley’s restaurant is on the top floor, and a Starbucks is in the lobby.

Following is a link to a Wikipedia article about the Charlotte Plaza. It is located at 201 S. College street.

Alley Charlotte Center

Construction continues at a rapid pace and the Alley building is one of several active sites. When this photo was taken we counted ten construction cranes.

The taller building to the left is the Duke Energy Center. The building, in the reflection, is the Bank of America Tower.

Following is a link to the Alley Charlotte Center website. The construction site is at the intersection of Tryon and Stonewall.

Loading dock

Today’s photo shows the loading dock under one of the office towers in Uptown Charlotte. Notice the sliver trash chute and blue trash compator on the left side of the photo. An interestingly small unit.

This photo was taken in the loading dock under Three Wells Fargo Center. The trash shut services the Ratcliffe Condos. The address is 435 South College Street.

Roof top bar

The recently opened Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel has a roof top bar which we have attempted to visit twice. However it is closed on Sundays and that is the day we keep trying. Maybe the front desk will let management know there is an opportunity on Sunday because they are having to turn people away ;)

The Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel overlooks Romare Bearden Park.