Two Wells Fargo plaza

Two Wells Fargo Plaza, a playful sort of place.
Two Wells Fargo plaza is an enjoyable public space in Uptown Charlotte. In addition to the fountain there are also tables and a two story gazebo. This time of year I especially enjoy that the gazebo has fans … Connie and I discussed what to call the gazebo and even brought up Google street view … I’ll have to post a picture and ask you thoughts.

This photo was taken at 301 South Tryon Street and this is a street view of the gazebo

fountain at One Wells Fargo

Enjoying a fountain at One Wells Fargo plaza in Uptown Charlotte

While we strolled through Uptown this weekend I stopped to take this photo of a fountain at One Wells Fargo plaza. Given summer is in full swing and the temperature regularly hits 90+ degrees Fahrenheit there is a good chance we will be stopping to take photos of more fountains (smile).

This photo was taken at 301 South College Street. Note the 90 Fahrenheit is 32.222 degrees Celsius and I also found that one should capitalize references to temperature scales, whether written out or abbreviated.