cult shoe brand

Allbirds’ is opening in the Southend district and they are looking for employees. The signs say they are looking for people who are interested in saving the world. A google search enlighten me: For example; I found an article, from Fortune referencing to the “Cult shoe brand Allbirds”. Also, Yahoo Finance referenced “Allbirds’ Cult favorites”. And the Allbirds’ website details about their sustainability commitments which include reversing climate change and even regenerative agriculture.

The Allbirds’ website claims they are the most comfortable shoes in the world.

I think my next pair of shoes will be from Allbirds’

Following is a link to the Allbirds’ sustainability commitment webpage. We are also sharing a link to the original of today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption: The Allbirds sign in the SouthEnd district new uptown Charlotte.

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

Busy busy busy

This photo shows the Apple Store at SouthPark Mall, five minutes after opening on a Sunday. They do a very brisk business and most customers enter the store ready to purchase.

This morning I purchased a set of AirPods. Over the last few years we have shifted to Apple in a big way. Not only iPhones .. we also have an Apple TV, an iMac, a MacBook, two Apple watches, and now two set of AirPods.

This photo was taken at 4400 Sharron Road. Following is a link to the Apple SouthPark store.

Whole Foods fish market

We visited the Whole Foods fist market in South Park
We had a very enjoyable weekend which included a visit to the Whole Foods fish market. While Connie order fish I snapped photos (smile). Actually we very much enjoy shopping at Whole Foods because they also have a wine bar. So every visit includes a glass of wine and a a sandwich from their deli … we are especially pleased that a Whole Foods store will be coming to Uptown in 2017 only one block from where we live.

This photo was taken at 6610 Fairview Road near SouthPark Mall. Following is a link the Whole Foods website.