This photo was taken on the Rail Trail in the South End of Charlotte. The photo is of a temporary art exhibit and is called the Passage. As a person walks through the passage they are surrounded by lights and sound.

This art was one of several along the Rail Tail. Following is a link to the Facebook page for I Heart Rail Trail Lights. The location is near the Bland station on the lite rail. Continue reading

chicken art

Chicken art in the Southend near Uptown Charlotte
It has been unseasonably hot and like many we have spent more time than usual in the comfort of air-conditioned places. However this weekend I took a long walk in the heat and it felt good. While on my walk I passed by this chicken art in Southend near Uptown Charlotte.

this photo was taken near the Bland Station on the Blue Line. It is also near the futo buta ramen restaurant.

futo buta ramen restaurant

A photo of a futo .. actually the futo buta ramen restaurant  in the South End near Uptown Charlotte
This a photo of a futo … actually the futo buta ramen restaurant soon to open in the South End next to the Bland Station on the Light Rail … I took the photo because I liked the play on words … however we also plan to try the restaurant … their Facebook page says … Everything Plus Noodles!

Note that they have a really nice outdoor patio with lantern lighting.