tree in evening sun
On the weekends, we enjoy walking on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and we especially enjoy the trees. This tree is found at the entrance to Freedom Park. As you can see it was back lit by the evening sun.

Following are links to post of trees we have shared in the past.

This photo was taken at 1900 East Blvd. Following is a link to the Freedom Park website.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

The Little Sugar Creek Greenway near Uptown Charlotte
We are very pleased to live near the Little Sugar Creek Greenway which offers a wonderful seven mile walk from uptown to Freedom Park. Three and half miles each way. We enjoy the walk, stop to eat lunch at Bad Daddys Burger Bar, sometimes enjoy coffee at the Starbucks on East Boulevard, and then enjoy the walk back. Actually we have found that we can add to the walk by returning along the Rail Trail in Southend. Here is a map showing our walk on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Freedom Park, East Boulevard, and the Rail Trail.

The photo was taken at roughly 600 S. King. Here is a link an article for the Little Sugar Creek Greenway: Wikipedia