not for photos


The Charlotte lite rail system has a public service message which caught my eye. The message is “Tracks are not for photos!”. Note that I am not encouraging the behavior by also sharing the sign which encourages “Live on the Edge”.

In addition to sharing the public service message I am sharing a second photo which shows the popular Rail Trail which is next to the lite rail tracks. My wife and I, along which many others, enjoy walking the Rail Trail.


Following is a link to the Rail Trail website.



This photo was taken on the Rail Trail in the South End of Charlotte. The photo is of a temporary art exhibit and is called the Passage. As a person walks through the passage they are surrounded by lights and sound.

This art was one of several along the Rail Tail. Following is a link to the Facebook page for I Heart Rail Trail Lights. The location is near the Bland station on the lite rail. Continue reading

rail trail vision

rail trail vision - A green space with a view of Uptown Charlotte
I have a suggestion for the Rail Trail Vision. This is a really nice green space with a great view of the Charlotte skyline. However no one can get to the space because it is inside a looping exit from the interstate. How about building a pedestrian overpass to the green space (smile).

Actually the rail trail vision has plans for a three mile park connecting green spaces along the light rail tracks in the Southend.

This photo was taken at the intersection of South College Street and Morehead Street.