stay at home


Today’s photo shows the Ratcliffe condos in Uptown Charlotte. Not a bad place to “stay at home” during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many we have a supply of non-perashable food and order perashable groceries online. We stay indoors most of the day but each evening we go for a walk while keeping distance from others.

Note that the sign posts are for Edgar Wisconsin, Rice Virginia, and Burroughs George. These are one of several sign post honoring authors. Edgar Rice Burroughs is one of my favorite authors because he created Tarzan.

Following is realtors website about the Ratcliffe condos. The address is 435 South Tryon Street.

Loading dock

Today’s photo shows the loading dock under one of the office towers in Uptown Charlotte. Notice the sliver trash chute and blue trash compator on the left side of the photo. An interestingly small unit.

This photo was taken in the loading dock under Three Wells Fargo Center. The trash shut services the Ratcliffe Condos. The address is 435 South College Street.


Challenges of taking photos
This photo presented challenges given the shadow and light contrast. In addition there was distortion, in the angle of the buildings, which is a common challenge with close up skylines. Thanks to photo shop I was pleased with the results.

The buildings in the photo (from left to right) include: the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art400 South Tryon300 South Tryon … the Bank of America CenterThree Wells Fargo Center … and the Ratcliffe Condos.

This photo was taken near the intersection of East Stonewall and North Tryon, looking North East.

Ratcliffe Flowers

The Historic Ratcliffe Flowers sign in Uptown Charlotte
The Historic Ratcliffe Flowers sign stands in the Green with the Ratcliffe condos in the background. There is an interesting story, in the Charlotte Business Journal, about the Ratcliffe’s Flowers building, the construction of the condos, and the preservation and incorporation of the original architecture.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon Street. Following is a link to the Historic Landmark Commission website with detail about the sign.

Ratcliffe Condos

The Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte
We are very pleased with our choice to purchase in the Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte. We are especially pleased with the strength of the condo association and the quality of the construction. The location is also a big plus. The condos overlook a very enjoyable park called The Green, the Mint Museum and Bechtler Museum of Modern Art are across the street, and the condos are connected to the Overstreet Mall which connects buildings throughout Uptown. Also, we are very pleased that the Childress Klein WMCA is in the Overstreet Mall.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon.

center of the known world

A sign post stating the Charlotte NC is the Center of the Known World!
Welcome to Charlotte Daily photo … today’s photo is of a sign post stating that Charlotte NC is the Center of the Known World! The sign post is in The Green a pocket park in Uptown Charlotte … actually Connie and I live in the Ratcliffe Condo’s overlooking The Green so I like to joke that our address is Center of the Known World, Unit 707, Charlotte NC (smile).

Before moving to Charlotte we published Greenville Daily Photo and shared a photo daily since 2006. Over 3,000 photos and still going strong thanks to friends and contributors who want to keep the site active.

In similar fashion we plan to share one photo a day about Charlotte. We live, play, and work in Uptown which offers many photo opportunities.

Please enjoy, tell your friends, and visit often.

Thank you

Denton and Connie Harryman

PS: This photo was taken on The Green at 435 S Tryon Street.