photos with the heart

While walking along the Lite Rail Trail we noticed this heart with a line of people posing for photos. The heart is part of a temporary exhibit. Following is a link to our photo with the heart.

Following is a link to the Facebook page for I Heart Rail Trail Lights. The location is near the Bland station on the lite rail. Continue reading photos with the heart

futo buta ramen restaurant

A photo of a futo .. actually the futo buta ramen restaurant  in the South End near Uptown Charlotte
This a photo of a futo … actually the futo buta ramen restaurant soon to open in the South End next to the Bland Station on the Light Rail … I took the photo because I liked the play on words … however we also plan to try the restaurant … their Facebook page says … Everything Plus Noodles!

Note that they have a really nice outdoor patio with lantern lighting.

rail trail vision

rail trail vision - A green space with a view of Uptown Charlotte
I have a suggestion for the Rail Trail Vision. This is a really nice green space with a great view of the Charlotte skyline. However no one can get to the space because it is inside a looping exit from the interstate. How about building a pedestrian overpass to the green space (smile).

Actually the rail trail vision has plans for a three mile park connecting green spaces along the light rail tracks in the Southend.

This photo was taken at the intersection of South College Street and Morehead Street.