flowers on the Green

During these difficult times it is good to notice what is beautiful. This photo was taken at The Green, which is actually an underground parking garage. At street level The Green is a small park, complete with signpost honoring authors, two story sculptures of stacked books, fish sculptures spotting water for the kids to play in, and lots of flowers.

Following is a link to images from The Green. The address is 400 South Tryon. Also, following is a link to this photo on Flickr.

Museum Tower apartments


On a walk, through Uptown Charlotte, this scene caught my eye. The flowering tree is in a small park called the Green. The building, in the background, is the Museum Tower apartments. The apartments are built on top of the Mint Museum.

On a personal note. The Green is next to the condos we live in. As a result this is a scene we enjoy regularly.

Following is a link to the Museum Tower website. The address is 525 South Church Street.

Following is a link to the Mint Museum website and to a wikipedia article about The Green.

fish sculptures and fountains

A fish sculptures and fountains on the Green in Uptown Charlotte
Our Saturday morning rituals include taking coffee to the Green (a park in front of our condo) and enjoying the activity. We always sit on a bench next to the fish sculptures and fountains. The reason is because they come with built in entertainment. Watching the children play is a joy and this Saturday there was a wedding at Saint Peters Catholic Church next to the fountains. In the background of this photo you can see one of those attending in a very colorful dress.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to a Wikipedia article about the Green.

b-cycle green guy

B-cycle green guy shuttles bicycles between stations in Uptown Charlotte
A b-cycle green guy shuttling bicycles between stations in Uptown Charlotte. There website says “Charlotte b-cycle is one of the largest urban bike sharing systems in the Southeast. With 200 blue bikes and 24 stations strategically placed throughout Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods”. The way it works is that with a membership you can select a bike, ride for 30 minutes, check it in, and repeat. The stations are no more than 30 minutes apart so you can ride throughout Uptown Charlotte.

This photo was taken at The Green near where we live.

theme day, what would you miss

Theme day, what would you miss if you had to leave Charlotte
Today is Theme day, what would you miss had to leave forever. We choose to share a photo of the Charlotte signpost which stand in The Green, a park in Uptown Charlotte. Note that at the bottom the it says Charlotte North Carolina, Center of the Known World (smile). Actually this does a good job of depicting what I would miss … being at the center of it all. We live in Condo’s which overlook the park in which this signpost stands. Arts, sports, great dinning, green spaces, and commerce radiate out from this central point.

For more interpretation of the theme please visit the City Daily Photo what would you miss theme page.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte.

center of the known world

A sign post stating the Charlotte NC is the Center of the Known World!
Welcome to Charlotte Daily photo … today’s photo is of a sign post stating that Charlotte NC is the Center of the Known World! The sign post is in The Green a pocket park in Uptown Charlotte … actually Connie and I live in the Ratcliffe Condo’s overlooking The Green so I like to joke that our address is Center of the Known World, Unit 707, Charlotte NC (smile).

Before moving to Charlotte we published Greenville Daily Photo and shared a photo daily since 2006. Over 3,000 photos and still going strong thanks to friends and contributors who want to keep the site active.

In similar fashion we plan to share one photo a day about Charlotte. We live, play, and work in Uptown which offers many photo opportunities.

Please enjoy, tell your friends, and visit often.

Thank you

Denton and Connie Harryman

PS: This photo was taken on The Green at 435 S Tryon Street.