photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

Because of the Rittenhouse verdict I went looking for something old which I could use as a photographic metaphor. With the goal of conveying that society will make it through difficult times.

My thoughts are inline with president Biden’s response to the Rittenhouse verdict: “While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken, I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy.”

Today’s photo shows the Charlotte National Building built a long time ago. The building is engraved with MCMXVIII which are the Roman Numerals for the year 1918. Which, as it turns out, is a metaphor for and a reminder of the covid pandemic.

We will make it through difficult times.

Note that the Charlotte National Building has it’s own FaceBook page. Also, we are sharing a link to the today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption: Charlotte National Building in uptown Charlotte.

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